Excavation Services

We are widely known for providing high quality professional excavation services in Toronto at very competitive prices. Our experienced team of engineers, operators, and labour force will plan and conduct the excavation project of your site from A to Z, hassle free.


Satisfaction and safety of our valued customers is our number one priority in all of our excavation projects. To ensure that, we consider, plan, and perform all the necessary safety measures for each excavation project based on the unique specification of each excavation site.


Having high quality excavation equipment and experienced operators assist us in performing the best and fastest excavation services in Greater Toronto Area. Our experienced multifaceted team of professionals, and high-end heavy equipment fleet ensure that various phases of excavation services will be taken into account, and will perform properly.


We take care of all aspects of excavation project including locating for safety, professional analyzing of the site drawings, excavating the site, removing the soil and debris, and shoring as needed. Baha Industries Inc. has been recognized for high quality commercial and residential excavation services in Toronto, Ontario. Our mission is the customer satisfaction.